Friends Don’t Own Each Other

Do you get upset when your best friend has plans with someone else? Is your friend hurt when you do something that doesn’t involve him or her. What a great way to ruin a relationship. Friends who grab on and refuse to let go aren’t showing that they care; they’re showing that they are insecure and don’t have faith in the friendship. A true friend is confident enough to know that each of you can have other friends and interests, and still be best friends at the end of the day. Try this: the next time your friend wants to include other people, or make plan that doesn’t involve you, give him or her the freedom to do so. If your relationship is solid, it won’t matter, because true friendships survive anything.

From the book of ‘Start Something’, by Earl Wood


Take Responsibility for Yourself

If you are a mess, clean it up. If you borrow something, return it. If you start something, finish it. If you hurt someone, apologize.m If you make a promise, keep it. The only person who can take responsibility for your action is you. No one else can make you be on time, finish your assignment, be friendly, or play fair –– it’s up to you, and you alone. Whenever you find yourself about to make an excuse or blame someone else for your problem, ask yourself, “Did I really do the right thing? Is there something I should be fixing?” If the answer is yes, step up and fix it. It takes a big person to accept responsibility without being told what to do. You’re ready, and you can do it.

~ Start Something, by Earl Woods

Did you help someone today?

Wherever you live, wherever you go, there are people who need your help: the elderly man or a lady who can’t rake the leaves or wash the car, that kid who just fell off his bike and looks hurt, the mother who needs someone to watch her kids so she can run to the grocery store. Isn’t there something you can do? Not for money, but just because you’re a good person with a big heart? You can make an unforgettable difference in someone else’s life, by giving just a little of your time and energy. And the person you help will never forget it.

It’s so easy to get lost in our own little worlds, worrying about our own problems. You can do better than that. Take a minute to look around you and notice other people. You have the power to reach out, to care. Use it to help others, and let other help you when you need it. That’s what we are here for.

~Do Something, by Earl Woods