Dear Motivating Moments,

I write to all those who are down. When things don’t go the way you have plan remember, things don’t matter. Everyday is a different one than that day. Win tommorrow and everyone forgets about yeasterday.

Know that you are special. Know that you are a winner. Know that there’s no task that is beyond accomplishment. Think about astronaunts who dared to believe something, that at one time was thought to be impossible. Believe that your will is stronger than your fear.

Neither fear nor your will is stronger than the other. It is which one you give priority to. Know that you are special. Besides you there is not anyone or anything as unqiue as you.

Take time to think how wonderful life is. Give thought to the fact that you can move your finger without any mechanical help. This is truly a miracle. Take thought to the fact that you can talk. This is truly a miracle. Take thought to the fact that you exist.

Know that it is harder to believe that something much greater and more powerful than anything we can imagine created us, than it is to believe that we are just a fluke of nature. The one who feeds you this ask him, “Then where did nature come from?”. My friends who hearts hurts know that this universe is ruled by harmony.

And in closing, talk to the higher powers; they are there for a reason. They made you perfectly. So believe you are perfect. Remember God gave the world, in his son, perfection, so that our inperfection was made perfect through his perfection.

Thank’s the Unknown Writer


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