Learning From Your Mistakes

 Your ability to deal constructively and effectively with mistakes and temporary setbacks is a mental skill that you can learn and become proficient at. The best way to deal with any failure is to realize that it is an indispensable prerequisite for success. You have to treat failure as an opportunity to lean, and begin again. You can overcome the fear of failure by doing the things you fear over and over again, and then resolve to bounce back, rather than letting them break you when things don’t go right.

The fear of failure is the greatest single obstacle to success for most people. It is the fear of failure that causes people to see the world in negative terms and creates obstacles in their own mind that don’t exist in reality. The fear of failure can be so strong that most people give up before they even begin because of fear that they will loose their time, money, or emotions in a new venture or relationship. Many people today operate at levels of effectiveness far below their capabilities because of the overwhelming effect of this fear.

The starting point in overcoming the fear of failure is to realize that it is impossible to achieve success of any kind without failure. Mistakes are opportunities to learn something new, something you did not know before. The more mistakes you make, the more you will learn. There is even a bit of magic hidden in every mistake. So the more mistakes you make, the more magic you will have in your life.


លោក ថូម៉ាស អេឌីសុន ជាកំពូលប្រឌិតករ ដ៏អស្ចារ្យម្នាក់ នៅក្នុងសតវត្សទីម្ភៃ

ប្រឌិតករ ថូម៉ាស អេឌីសុន បានសាកល្បង ជាមួយនឹងសម្ភារៈផ្សេងៗ អស់ចំនួនពីរពាន់យ៉ាង ដើម្បីស្វែងរកវណ្ណសូត្រ សម្រាប់ធ្វើ ជាចំហេះអំពូលភ្លើង។ នៅពេលដែល គ្មានកិច្ចការណាមួយ ផ្តល់លទ្ធផលគាប់ចិត្តសោះ, អ្នកជំនួយការ របស់គាត់ បានត្អូញត្អែថា “ការងារដែលយើងប្រឹងសឹងអី, ឥឡូវក្លាយទៅជាអសារបង់។ យើងមិនបានរៀនចេះអ្វីសោះ”។

លោក អេឌីសុន បានឆ្លើយតបវិញ ដោយមានជំនឿចិត្តថា “អូហ៍, យើងធ្វើបានច្រើនមកហើយ, ហើយយើង ក៏បានរៀនចេះ យ៉ាងច្រើនដែរ។ ឥឡូវនេះ យើងបានដឹងថា មានវត្ថុធាតុពីរពាន់យ៉ាង ដែលយើងមិនអាចប្រើ សម្រាប់ធ្វើឲ្យបាន អំពូលភ្លើងល្អ”។