Specific Proof Immigration Hates Asians

13-ImmigrationBy Khmer Voice | July 2, 2014
Recently, Immigration and the State Department changed the document requirements for visas processed in Phnom Penh.  None of the changes are good for the Cambodian visa applicants. In fact, they are completely unfair and unrealistic. They border on absurd. As such, the Khmer Voice offers it as more conclusive proof that Immigration hates Asians.
Here is a quick highlight of one of the changes to visa requirements:
The problem with this request is most Cambodians are unable to obtain an “Original Birth Certificate.” The State Department surely remembers the Khmer Rouge and the lack of documents available from Cambodia.
First, is if the person is one of the lucky few to actually get an Original Birth Certificate, the Cambodian Government only allows three of them. If you need to petition more than three people, then you have to choose wisely which three to petition for.
The Original Birth Certificate MUST be recorded at the date of your birth. Meaning, no Delayed Birth Certificates will be accepted. Yes, they want an Original! No delayed birth certificates will be accepted. You cannot submit a birth certificate made after you were born. They want the one that was made when you were born.
No Abstracts
The birth certificate must be original. Abstracts are no longer accepted by the State Department.
Not to worry, says Immigration. You can submit a baptismal record in lieu of the original birth certificate. The Catholic Church keeps great records of who is born and baptized so Immigration accepts them.
Ummmm, HELLO IMMIGRATION! We are not Latinos. There are no Baptismal Records in Cambodia.  The following statistics are taken from the CIA website:
  • Cambodian Religions:
  • Buddhist (official) 96.9%, Muslim 1.9%, Christian 0.4%, other 0.8% (2008 est.)
  • Mexican Religions:
  • Roman Catholic 82.7%, Pentecostal 1.6%, Jehovah’s Witnesses 1.4%, other Evangelical Churches 5%, other 1.9%, none 4.7%, unspecified 2.7% (2010 est.)
Yes, that’s right. From the U.S. Government’s own statistics 0.4% of Cambodians are Christians and may or may not have a baptismal record. The rest of the 99.6% of Cambodians are unable to produce a baptismal record.  But if we were Latinos or Mexicans, it would be NO PROBLEMO.
When someone who was present at your birth and is willing to swear that you were actually born and the DNA test that proves your parents are your parents is correct is called Affidavit of Birth. This was an old standard way to get around the need for Birth Certificates. It is no longer acceptable unless you get a letter from the Cambodian Government saying that your Original Birth Certificate is unavailable. The Cambodian Local Government will supply an “Abstract” so they will not state the Birth Certificate is unavailable. They gave one, the Abstract which the U.S. Government will not accept.
So even though the Petitioner is a U.S. Citizen and has a DNA test to prove that his parents or siblings are directly related to him the average Cambodian is going to be denied for the lack of an “Original Birth Certificate.” These new rules are completely unfair.
The petitioner has a U.S. Citizenship Certificate.  In immigrant visas, they have DNA that matches the relative. Two pieces of evidence that are completely conclusive when determining identity and parentage.  Instead of accepting that, Immigration and the State Department have decided to ask for things that are all but impossible for Cambodians to obtain.
Another Cambodian Case Denied. Thanks for the $420 dollars. Please file again so we can charge you and then deny you again. Yes, the U.S. Government is denying cases bases on this. It is so absurd that it would be funny if it was not so wrong.
Next time you travel, look for the big sign on the border says:  WELCOME LATINOS. ASIANS STAY OUT!
More to come…



ICEBy Khmer Voice | June 30, 2014

The changes to consular processing for marriage visas, fiancé visas, and family visas is the last straw. The Khmer Voice will no longer be silent. Recently, Immigration and the State Department changed the way it processes Visas. They made it so difficult that even with a perfect case you almost have to hire a lawyer to help you. Even with the aid of lawyers, they are denying cases that they should easily approve. These are legal, law abiding, taxpaying U.S. Citizens getting persecuted.

Instead of helping Asians Immigrants, they deny cases for lack of evidence, fraud, and general bad attitude. The attitude of Immigration and State Department officials when it comes to Asians and Cambodians is incredibly bad. It is the complete opposite attitude towards Latinos and Mexicans.

The Government looks over cases filed in Phnom Penh and the United States with a magnifying glass. They look for fraud and if they cannot find fraud they deny cases for lack of evidence. In one case, an Immigration Officer has been caught lying and falsifying evidence against a Cambodian to ensure that his case was denied. After discussing this case with a government attorney, nothing came of it. No one wanted to help this particular immigrant because….well, because they are Cambodian.

Recently, the State Department has made changes to immigrant and non-immigrant visas to make it very hard to come here legally. Even if you are married and have two or three children the new procedures are so hard to follow that people are being denied. People are wasting their money and suffering years of anguish being kept apart from their loved ones.

Why is this happening? There can only be one rational answer: Immigration hates Asians.

Hard Working Donut Shop People Persecuted:

Let’s face the truth. No one in America works harder or longer than the worker at a donut shop. They are the hardest working people in the whole country. When Immigration gets one of their cases, they go the extra mile to try and deny it. They send people to your homes to ask questions. They look for fraud and if they cannot find fraud, they will gladly deny the case based on lack of evidence. Either way, the hard working Asian is discriminated against.

It starts in the home country. To get to the United States from Asia is difficult. Only the strongest and smartest people make this journey. These are the people we want in the United States. They will do everything necessary to get here and fulfill their dream.

This is the opposite of Latinos and Mexicans who take a bus ride then pay a Mexican Drug Cartel to cross the USA border (which by the way is also against the law).


Immigration Loves Mexicans and Latinos! The Obama Administration enacted the Executive Order called the Dream Act. This allows people who came here under age to stay if they attended school here. This only helps Mexicans and Latinos. This is no help at all for 99% or more of all Asian cases. They also get in-state tuition at colleges. But if you are Asian, you have to pay Out of State tuition.

How lucky would you be if your kids were undocumented Latinos and Mexicans? In-state tuition and probably free tuition! Leading to a free greencard! Please let my kids be born Latino and undocumented!
This is discrimination against not only Cambodians, but all Asians. These laws are completely unfair and do not take into account the hard working nature of Asians.


Why is paying money to a Mexican Drug Cartel to break the law and knowingly get smuggled across the Southern border illegally so good? Why is paying money to a United States Citizen to get the same thing so bad?

Is paying an American so much worse than paying a Mexican Drug Cartel?

In both cases, the immigrant crosses border and enters the country illegally. Asians pay Americans helping the U.S. economy. Mexicans pay Mexican Drug Cartels helping Drug Cartels. But, the Obama Administration spends all our tax dollars trying to find out who is committing visa fraud and persecuting them. Then Immigration turns around and even helps Mexicans and Latinos break the law. Help them? Yes, they help the illegal Mexicans and Latinos by giving rides to shelters and even giving them free underwear! Yes, Immigration just bought 40,000 pairs of underwear for Mexicans and other Latinos who just crossed the border in Texas.

Today, the border in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California is over flowing with Mexicans and Central Americans. The Government is giving them free rides, underwear, medical care, food, shelter and you know they will all get free GreenCards. That’s right, they will all get free GreenCards. They won’t even have to pay for them.

It is all over the Latino newspapers: “Cross the Southern border for a free ride and free underwear!”

In the mean time, what does the Asian immigrant get? Deported.

To be continued…