Happy Khmer new year!

We cannot enjoy life by thinking of getting hurt someday. We cannot feel what real love is unless we love wholly. How can we reap full trust by sowing only half of the seed? Interruptions come into our lives and we can’t stop them, no one can! The one we love might disappoint us, deadly sickness embrace us, and some people will leave us in the dust to pick up the pieces. Well, this is life! We don’t know what’s in store for us for tomorrow. All we have is the “here” and “now”, and let’s embrace it joyfully, and make the best of it. What matter is the sweet memories we can treasure, the lesson it teach us, and that there’s always more to life as long as we’re still breathing.

–Happy Khmer new year, everyone. May your life be filled with joys and prosperity. Love you all!